• Out With The Old & In With The New – Brute Launches New Rebrand 


    Brute, previously recognized as Brute Strength Training, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new rebrand. This transformation marks a significant milestone for the company, and was the first priority of Matt Torres (CEO) and Micah Shoemaker (CMO) following their acquisition of the company in the second quarter of 2023. 

    “We are really hype to introduce the world to our fresh rebrand because it embodies our commitment to our athletes, our unique approach of coaching, and our ability to create people-centered individualized programs,” said Matt Torres, CEO of Brute. “No matter where you are in your fitness or athletic journey, there is always an opportunity for growth; and that is precisely where we step in to help you with our remote coaching and our online training programs.”  

    The rebrand introduces a new, vibrant color palette featuring green, pink, and black. These colors, accompanied with our new logo, showcase a more contemporary style along with our excitement for the future of the company and our athletes. “The new logo has a distinctive circular design that represents the stages of progression. When merged together, our logo creates a symbol of connection and growth,” explained Micah Shoemaker (CMO). The logo’s eye-catching aesthetics are deliberately crafted to show off the company’s energy. “We wanted a logo and a marque that showcases creativity and science just like our training programs,” said Micah. 

    At the heart of our rebrand lies a compelling narrative that is “centered on utilizing our coaches individual creativity along with the science of our training methodologies to help bridge the gap between you and your goals. We want you to know that our coaches are by your side while you are pursuing the proudest version of yourself,” said Matt. 

    Since 2013, Brute has been a dominant force in the professional sport of CrossFit and it does not show any signs of slowing down.For more information about the exciting new Brute, please visit our website here: . 

    About Brute:

    Brute stands as a leading provider of coaching CrossFit professionals. Our dedicated coaches take pride in helping assist individuals in their fitness journey through our personalized training programs and individualized 1-1 coaching. We believe we can help you win through our people centered training approach. To learn more about our coaching style and training options please visit