The Easiest Way to Write Better Programming

We all have the best intentions when we start tapping the keyboard in an effort to increase fitness across broad time and modal domains for our athletes and ourselves. But is what we are doing really constantly varied, or is it a repetitive version of a group of varied movements?

According to Beyond the Whiteboard in 2015 the number one movement performed in CrossFit gyms world wide was pull-ups while movements that act to oppose the downward shoulder rotation were few and far between. Most upward shoulder rotation movements used in CrossFit gyms include assistance from hips like cleans and snatches leaving the shoulders overdeveloped in downward rotation and lacking in upward. This is a large reason why athletes often find themselves dealing with shoulder pain out of nowhere. Additionally, CrossFit athletes spend very little if any time carrying heavy loads from place to place despite Dave Castro putting carries on display year after year at the games.

Enjoy this video while you learn about goal setting for classes and auditing your program to make it as effective as possible.

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