The End of the Affiliate Cup

Game Changer: Adrian’s POV On 4-Person Teams.

Take a look at your 6-person squad. Unfortunately, you’ve gotta tell 2 of ’em, “you can’t sit with us.” It’s a bummer. What’s a bigger bummer (or an inspirational kick in the butt, for you glass-half-fullers), is that recreational athletes are going to have a harder time snagging a spot in the Games, even at the team level. Sorry, guys. BUT, what that means for the Games, is that shit. is. getting. REAL.

Fewer people per team means everyone has to be great at everything. You can’t lean on your boy to kill it on the rower, then pick up some slack where you shine. Teams will be slimmer, fitter, and tougher to beat. That’s right, the Affiliate Cup is out here weeding out the weak.