Traveling and Working Out

On The Road & Still On Point

Whether for business or for pleasure, staying accountable can be tough when you’re on the move. But with a little bit of planning, you can minimize your slip-ups, or eliminate them all together.

First, consider your flight time. It could be worth shelling out the extra Jackson or two to skip the redeye. Something as simple as shorting your sleep schedule can really throw off your routine.

Second, scope out your spot. Check for a hotel gym or a local box. No luck? Have some at-home workouts on-hand.

Third, pack some snacks. It can be tough to find compliant food on-the-go, which sets you up for failure.

And fourth, prepare for flight. The day before, make sure you’re not tossing around weights like a mad man. Sore, tight muscles and a closet-sized space to sit, doesn’t make for the comfiest flight.

And as always, stay active, keep hydrated and get shit done.