Variations of the Overhead Squat

When performing overhead squats most of us think of just push pressing the weight overhead and squatting with it. This is a key exercise to build your overhead strength, but consider the fact that there are many variations of the overhead squat, all of which can be used to master certain aspects of the snatch.

When going for a pure strength emphasis the push press and overhead squat is the most essential. Also, the snatch grip push jerk and overhead squat can be utilized when going for maximal attempts.

If you struggle with dropping under the bar snatch balances or drop snatches might be for you.

In a snatch balance, you push jerk the weight up and immediately drop into the overhead squat. This will help you to create an explosive drop under the bar and stability in the bottom position.

This exercise should be done with about 80-90% of your best snatch.

Drop snatches also reinforce what snatch balances do, however it is a bit different. In a drop snatch the athlete is not allowed to bend their knees and will immediately drop under the bar. This really emphasizes the explosive use of the hamstrings to drop under the bar. This exercise should be done with a much lighter weight. Around 40-50% of your best snatch is best for this exercise.

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