What is Mobility?

As many of you might know we recently launched an educational program for coaches. There is a lot of information in the workshop that is also valuable for you as an athlete if you are able to use the information we provide from the perspective of an athlete. This particular video is a sneak peak into some of our methodology. The word “mobility” gets thrown around so often in the CrossFit that it’s almost become background noise. It gets used to describe everything from stretching to foam rolling to static holds. In this video we define it. Our working definition of “Mobility” is “active range of motion”. It’s simple. Can you move a joint yourself? That’s the question we want to answer when we are talking about your mobility. In this video we talk about that, how to assess it, why it’s important, and what do do about yours. This post is an exclusive sneak peak into our Coach Program. If you like what you see here make sure you head to the program registration page to join over 100 other coaches and athletes who are taking their education to the next level. Until next time, let’s get movin’