What it Takes to Qualify for the CrossFit Open Quarterfinals

There have been a ton of changes over the last few years to the CrossFit Games. It goes without saying that becoming one of the top dawgs in competition is a totally different beast.

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes in our sport is the return of regionals (AKA the Semi-Finals) and the all-new qualifying round, The Quarterfinals.

The reason why we’re so excited about the Quarterfinals is that it gives fringe athletes a chance to continue competing after the end of The CrossFit Open. 

Those athletes that just missed the mark on qualifying for regionals back in the day, now have the chance to throw down against the big dawgs and earn a spot in a much tighter, more advanced competition.

It also gives those athletes who aren’t necessarily at the professional level but aren’t necessarily your everyday “weekend warrior” another chance to compete after The Open.

Now for a little history lesson…

Back in 2013 when Tommy Hackenbruck led Hacks Pack to 2 back to back Affiliate Cup Titles, he compiled a list known as “The Ute Minimums.”

These minimums were defined as the traits that every male and female should strive to possess in order to keep their position on the team.

We essentially wanted them to shoot for the stars and meet these parameters that would allow them to not only qualify as a team, but as an individual competitor as well.

The metrics we’re presenting on qualifying for the Quarterfinals are dialed back a bit, but should give you a good idea of what you should strive for in order to break into the top 10% of athletes competing in The CrossFit Open.

Click here to download the Brute Minimums Chart.

Now we recognize that these are some pretty lofty goals for most athletes. However, with an intelligent training plan, proper fueling & recovery and some consistency, YOU can break into that top 10%. 

Let us provide you with that intelligent training plan. Brute Compete is the ideal training program for any athlete looking to make it to that next round of competition without making training a full time job. 

With just 90 minutes per day, our “Ala Carte” style program will help you prioritize your biggest weaknesses, so that you can get the most out of your limited training time.

It doesn’t take a quarter of your day to make it to the Quarterfinals. You just have to prepare smarter.

Join our Tribe in preparation for the 2021 CrossFit Open and we’ll make sure you’re well equipped to head into competition.