What percentage should my snatch be compared to my clean?

What percentage should your snatch be compared to your clean and jerk? This question does have a simple answer (that is 78-82%) but one must allow for variation depending on the anthropometrics of the individual being assessed. Anthropometrics is the study of human movement and it dives into the physics of individuals with varying limb lengths. For example, anthropometrics tells us that someone who is taller and has lengthy arms should be able to snatch very well. Someone with a shorter building and shorter arms should be able to clean relatively well. Sometimes individuals are so far to one side of these that their snatch may be 75% of their clean or their snatch may be 86% of their clean. When observing these facts in an athlete you need to be able to assess if the athlete has a snatch or clean technical deficiency or if their body is simply built that way. Find out how you measure up and possibly need to start focusing more on one lift to bring your percentages to optimal range.