You need to carry more, here’s how

Hi Brutes,

You have all heard us talk over and over again about why you need to carry more. The biggest response we get from people is “but how do I work carries into my workouts and what should I be able to do?” In this video we talk about various positions to execute carries and the rationale behind each.

Start thinking about carries the same way you think about pull-ups in regards to frequency and intensity and type. You Vary your pull-ups by doing standard pull-ups, chest to bars, bar muscle ups, and ring muscle ups. Those are basically ways to vary intensity as well as type. We vary intensity and type with carries by changing the apparatus, the position, the weight, and the distance. Try to give yourself one heavy day and one light day. Your heavy day should be intimidating kind of heavy, not your heaviest kettlebell, we want you to think like a strong man and pick something legitimate off the ground, start with 33% of your deadlift in one arm and see how far you can take it. Set a goal for 8 weeks to get that weight for 100 meters without dropping.

Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy