At Home Workout for March 24th 2020

5 Sets of Max Reps as Heavy as Possible

Dumbbell Complex = 1 Rep

  • 5 DB Deadlifts
  • 4 DB Hang Power Cleans
  • 3 DB Push Jerks
  • 2 DB Split Jerks

Rest 2 Minutes between sets

Today’s workout should give you some butterflies. Anyone who’s messed with a dumbbell complex knows how devastating they can be!

Your grip will be taxed, your lungs will be screaming and it’ll be one big sweaty good time!

Your score will be based on max reps and the weight of your dumbbells.

Got a couple big boys lying around? This’ll be a great strength workout, and if you’re stuck with just a light pair…hang on to them. Looks can be deceiving.

Watch this video for a little dumbbell motivation…if you think you need it.

Post scores in the comments below!


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