How to know if you are pound for pound stronger than your friends

Have you ever wondered how your 245 clean stacks up to that one big guy in the gym who cleans 275? Maybe he’s 60 pounds heavier than you and you are thinking there must be some way to accurately measure the difference pound for pound. There is a way!

You can't win training.

The best training sessions that you are going to have are the ones that have mistakes, that have failures, and that you actually learn something in. The reason we train is to improve as an athlete. This week Nick Fowler talks why you can't win training, what it might look like if you are trying to, and what mindset you are cultivating with this attitude.

Why you need to slow down your training

Tempo training, when done properly will allow for an athlete to improve their quality of movement, reduce risk of injury and allow for improvement on strength numbers. While we often see tempo training a bodybuilding setting. We can see benefits in applying this technique to our olympic lifts as well as our gymnastics work

What percentage should my snatch be compared to my clean?

What percentage should your snatch be compared to your clean and jerk? This question does have a simple answer (that is 78-82%) but one must allow for variation depending on the anthropometrics of the individual being assessed.

Julian Alcaraz: too good for the CrossFit Games?!

If you watched the California regional or you follow Julian on social media, you know that he respectfully declined his ticket to the CrossFit Games after qualifying this year. Some of you might think this was crazy(!?). This week on the Brute Shoot, we tip our hat to Julian and his decision. As a new father himself, Coach Con sends his respect to the decision that was made out there on the competition floor. Listen in on why. We wish Julian and Miranda the best and great health in the birth of their child in the coming months!
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