Strategies for Dubai Online Qualifier 2018 Week 2

Dubai 18.2

Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

Part A

4 Rounds for Time

8 meters front rack lunges
8 Bar facing burpees
8 meters front rack lunges
8 Bar facing burpees
8 Bar Muscle-ups

The front rack lunges 50/35 kg or 110/80 lbs (must select kg or lbs, no mixing weights will be permitted).

Part B

Once the 4 rounds are completed, use the remaining time to find max weight of the following complex:

1 Hang Clean + 2 Front Squats (3 successful unbroken reps)

Athletes may only use one barbell for Part A and Part B.

Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

Pacing advice:

Brutes! Should be drooling over this one as it looks quite familiar to some of the interval work we’ve seen in our programming. This workout is a two parter once again so we need to consider the effect that Part A has on Part B. Depending on the athlete, we’re not looking at a lunge that is too heavy or a distance that will really do much in separating athletes. That said, there will be a lot of hips extension and flexion in this workout so make sure your warm-up includes a decent amount of walking lunges so we’re primed and ready to make that part of the workout as easy as possible. The bar facing burpees will take up the majority of time in this piece so this you want to make sure you’re moving with a purpose. I like to think of burpees as a well choreographed dance where your steps and movement look exactly the same for each rep. What this does is gives you a rhythm to follow so when things get greasy you have well organized movement instead of taking extra steps or unnecessary movement. A lot of time can be gained or lost on your burpee sets so make sure you attack them at a pace that allows you to quickly turn around and start that lunge, and one that keeps you composed through those moderate rep sets of BMU. The BMU is really going to come down to your ability and comfort again with the volume of reps. If you are going to be someone breaking these into a couple set or more, make sure you’re using your breath or your timer as your guide for how long that rest will look. If you wait to go when you ‘feel ready’ you will more than likely lose precious seconds in this one.

For the barbell complex, depending on how long Part A takes you, should afford plenty of time to get some good lifts in. In your warm-up, a good weight to build up and knock out would be somewhere around 80-85% of your max clean. Don’t blow yourself out trying to find a max in your warm-up. Your legs will definitely feel fatigued and breathing will be heavy upon finishing Part A so it’s important to get in at least 1 if not 2 lifts in this complex that you’re fairly confident with. A good goal here might look like opening with 65-70% of your max clean, then that 80-85% you hit in your warm-up IF you have the time. A great number here to end this workout with is 92% or more of your max clean. Although this is basically 3 Front Squats from the floor, it’s probably the best to plan off of that clean max.. but hey maybe you hit a new 3RM front squat today too??

Camera setup:

From the website:

Videos are required and must be uncut and unedited. The athlete may upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive and need to make sure that the sound respects the copyright rules of the platform chosen.

All submission videos must clearly show the athlete’s Judge throughout the workout.
To make sure the video is valid, the athlete needs to specify his/her name, the equipment and the weights used during the workout (by showing them in the video) and the score at the end (time or repetitions). It is the athlete’s responsibility to position the camera so that the timer, all the movements and their standards can be evaluated correctly.

Limiters/ sticking points:

  1. Appropriate pace plan for Part A. Has to be fast to start but can’t afford to burn out at the end of the third round.
  2. BMU ability in the 3rd and 4th round.
  3. Burpee pace and consistency


Yes, but only with a solid rest day(or two) between efforts. Maxing out in this complex after the total volume of muscle contractions will have lasting effects for the following days.