• Which Program is Right for You?

    Which Program is Right For You?

    Brute offers a variety of CrossFit training programs, including individualized 1-1 programming, in order to help you achieve your fitness goals in a way that best suits you and your strengths, weaknesses, and schedule. Below is a list of what Brute has to offer, along with sample days from each training program. These samples you can find on Fitr. If you would like additional information about any of the programs that we have to offer, please feel free to email us at

    Brute Body by Streat- $49

    If you want to transform your body, you have come to the right place. This program is designed to help you feel good, look good, and perform pretty damn well inside and outside of the gym. This program is meant to help you in all aspects of life; whether it be lifting some heavy weights, crushing a CrossFit Metcon, or even running a half marathon. 

    This training program is meant to be one that you commit to for 5-6 days a week in order to see the incredible results that we know you are looking for and are capable of. 

    This program is not a traditional CrossFit training program. Instead, Brute Body, programmed by 2x CrossFit Games Athlete and personal trainer Streat Hoerner, has structured upper and lower body days. These intentionally designed training days include strength, accessory, metcons, core strength, and occasional days with extra work if you find yourself with some extra time and motivation. 

    We recommend completing the training in its totality (including the extra work when you are able) which takes about 90 minutes or less. If you are looking to focus more on strength gains, we recommend skipping the metcons and hitting the strength and extra work at full force. If you go down that route, training will take about 60 minutes or less. 

    Brute Athlete- $49

    This CrossFit training program follows along with the CrossFit competitive season and is designed to focus on specific weights, barbell movements, gymnastic skills, and aerobic work that are often found in the Open and Quarterfinals. The goal of this program is to dramatically improve your ranking on the Quarterfinals leaderboard. 

    What makes our programming different: 

    In order to make our Brute Athlete programming as successful as possible, we take our athlete centered programming principles used in our 1on1 remote coaching and apply them to our templated programs like this one. Based on your communication, logged worked results and data, videos, and monthly training questionnaires we are able to tailor the program in a way that best serves our athletes. The more information the Brute Athlete community gives us, the more specific the programming becomes. 

    Who it’s for:

    This training program is for athletes that would consider themselves a Quarterfinals athlete or who enjoy competing in local and regional competitions as individuals or on a team. If you are looking to increase your leaderboard placing in the CrossFit Quarterfinals or improve your fitness. 

    Brute Athlete 16-49- $49

    This program follows along with the CrossFit competitive season and it’s designed to focus on specific barbell movements, gymnastics skills and aerobic work found in the age group quarterfinals and age group semifinals. The goal of this program is to dramatically improve your ranking in the quarterfinal and semifinal leaderboards. This program methodology is what helped Brute Teens and Brute Masters make it all the way to the CrossFit Games.

    Brute Pro- $98

    This program follows along with the CrossFit competitive season and is designed to focus on the specific weights, barbell movements, gymnastics skills and aerobic work found in the CrossFit Semifinals. The goal of this program is to help you qualify for a CrossFit Semifinal and/or help you be more competitive on the Semifinal stage.

    What makes our programing different:

    We use the same athlete centered programming principles used in our 1on1 remote coaching and apply them to our template programs. Based on your communication, logged workout results, videos, and quarterly training questionnaires we are able to tailor the program. The more information the Brute Pro community gives us the more specific the programming becomes. 

    Who it’s for:

    This program is for those that want to someday compete at a CrossFit Semifinal; compete at a high level competition in the Rx or Elite field or you are already a Semifinal athlete as an individual or on a team.


    You will have 2 sessions per day, 5 days a week. You must be willing to commit 5-hours a day to training. This is not a matter of “I would like to train like a semifinal athlete.” You must have the time to train.  

    Equipment Requirements:

    All equipment included at a CrossFit Semifinal (see semifinal workouts).

  • Dubai 18.2

    Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

    Part A

    4 Rounds for Time

    8 meters front rack lunges
    8 Bar facing burpees
    8 meters front rack lunges
    8 Bar facing burpees
    8 Bar Muscle-ups

    The front rack lunges 50/35 kg or 110/80 lbs (must select kg or lbs, no mixing weights will be permitted).

    Part B

    Once the 4 rounds are completed, use the remaining time to find max weight of the following complex:

    1 Hang Clean + 2 Front Squats (3 successful unbroken reps)

    Athletes may only use one barbell for Part A and Part B.

    Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

    Pacing advice:

    Brutes! Should be drooling over this one as it looks quite familiar to some of the interval work we’ve seen in our programming. This workout is a two parter once again so we need to consider the effect that Part A has on Part B. Depending on the athlete, we’re not looking at a lunge that is too heavy or a distance that will really do much in separating athletes. That said, there will be a lot of hips extension and flexion in this workout so make sure your warm-up includes a decent amount of walking lunges so we’re primed and ready to make that part of the workout as easy as possible. The bar facing burpees will take up the majority of time in this piece so this you want to make sure you’re moving with a purpose. I like to think of burpees as a well choreographed dance where your steps and movement look exactly the same for each rep. What this does is gives you a rhythm to follow so when things get greasy you have well organized movement instead of taking extra steps or unnecessary movement. A lot of time can be gained or lost on your burpee sets so make sure you attack them at a pace that allows you to quickly turn around and start that lunge, and one that keeps you composed through those moderate rep sets of BMU. The BMU is really going to come down to your ability and comfort again with the volume of reps. If you are going to be someone breaking these into a couple set or more, make sure you’re using your breath or your timer as your guide for how long that rest will look. If you wait to go when you ‘feel ready’ you will more than likely lose precious seconds in this one.

    For the barbell complex, depending on how long Part A takes you, should afford plenty of time to get some good lifts in. In your warm-up, a good weight to build up and knock out would be somewhere around 80-85% of your max clean. Don’t blow yourself out trying to find a max in your warm-up. Your legs will definitely feel fatigued and breathing will be heavy upon finishing Part A so it’s important to get in at least 1 if not 2 lifts in this complex that you’re fairly confident with. A good goal here might look like opening with 65-70% of your max clean, then that 80-85% you hit in your warm-up IF you have the time. A great number here to end this workout with is 92% or more of your max clean. Although this is basically 3 Front Squats from the floor, it’s probably the best to plan off of that clean max.. but hey maybe you hit a new 3RM front squat today too??

    Camera setup:

    From the website:

    Videos are required and must be uncut and unedited. The athlete may upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive and need to make sure that the sound respects the copyright rules of the platform chosen.

    All submission videos must clearly show the athlete’s Judge throughout the workout.
    To make sure the video is valid, the athlete needs to specify his/her name, the equipment and the weights used during the workout (by showing them in the video) and the score at the end (time or repetitions). It is the athlete’s responsibility to position the camera so that the timer, all the movements and their standards can be evaluated correctly.

    Limiters/ sticking points:

    1. Appropriate pace plan for Part A. Has to be fast to start but can’t afford to burn out at the end of the third round.
    2. BMU ability in the 3rd and 4th round.
    3. Burpee pace and consistency


    Yes, but only with a solid rest day(or two) between efforts. Maxing out in this complex after the total volume of muscle contractions will have lasting effects for the following days.

  • Dubai 18.1

    Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

    Part A

    0:00 – 10:00
    60 Double Unders
    10 Thrusters
    60 Double Unders
    20 Thrusters
    60 Double Unders
    30 Thrusters

    Part B

    5 rounds for time
    30 Double Unders
    15 C2B pull-ups

    Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

    • 20:00 clock (10:00 for each part),
    • Barbell
    • Clips
    • Weights
    • Pull-up bar

    Pacing advice

    Break the seal before you start! Get that heart rate up in your warm-up and just minutes before you start this workout because it will be there very quickly in this workout. Part A has a whole lot of thrusters so you really need to make sure you are honest about your ability of doing thrusters at this weight and don’t be lured into go UB if this is going to push you past your threshold especially in the first 2 sets. Make those breaks before you need them and your rest time will be much shorter than they would if you break when you feel like you HAVE to. A break on either of these movements is a calculated rest of 2-3 breaths or maybe it’s :05 and then we’re right back to work. On the double-unders, you are going to benefit most by keeping these as easy as possible and trying to use this as your recovery. If 60 reps is near your max UB then we want to think about a quick break somewhere in the middle to keep you moving efficiently.

    During your rest between the two workouts, we need to keep some light blood flow going especially through your arms. We just spent several minutes with a bar in our hands and doing double unders and now we’re going to have to dig a little deeper to hold up our own bodyweight on the rig and of course do more double unders. This workout is all about those pull-ups and not so much in the first two rounds, but really in the last 2-3. You’re knocking out 75 C2B pull-ups in this workout so when you get somewhere near your max set UB, things are going to start to change, fatigue is really going to set in, and you’re going to need a plan for that as it happens. I’m a big fan of taking breaks early and often so we can make sure you’re constantly moving instead of letting your fatigue dictate your rest for you later on.

    Camera setup:

    Profile view of barbell and pull-up rig to ensure full lockout at the top and that the chest is making contact with the bar. Make sure you can also see your feet in the frame!

    Limiters / sticking points:

    1) Grip and breathing on both part A and B
    2) Consistency in double unders, and realistic expectations of your ability under this type of intensity and volume


    Yes, if it is the first workout you do and are not doing the WZA qualifiers. If you are then consider resting at least one day in between attempts. Otherwise the number of muscle contractions and intensity of this one will linger for a couple days if you’re not used to it!