Athlete $49

This program follows along with the CrossFit competitive season and it’s designed to focus on the specific weights, barbell movements, gymnastics skills and aerobic work found in the Open and Quarterfinals. The goal of this program is to dramatically improve your ranking in the Quarterfinals leaderboard.

What makes our programing different

We take our athlete centered programming principles used in our 1on1 remote coaching and apply them to our template programs. Based on your communication, logged workout results, videos, and monthly training questionnaires we are able to tailor the program. The more information the Brute Athlete community gives us the more specific the programming becomes. 

Who it’s for

This program is for those that would consider themselves a Quarterfinal athlete or you enjoy competing in local and regional competitions as an individual or on a team. If you are looking to increase your leaderboard placing in the CrossFit Quarterfinals then you have come to the right spot. 


You will have 1 session, 5 days a week. As a quarterfinal athlete 1 session per day is all you need to see big improvements. Plus, for the vast majority of people on this track; you probably have a day job.  Contrary to popular belief, more volume does not mean a higher level of fitness. Consistency is what creates the most separation from you and where you want to be. 

Equipment Requirements

All equipment included at the CrossFit Quarterfinals (see Quarterfinal workouts).

Take a look at 3 days of programming